In America

I am writing this in America. In New Hampshire to be precise. And being more precise than America is very important – this country is huge.

Last month my wife and I drove for what felt like an age, driving on reasonably good roads westwards towards and into Vermont. And despite driving for ages, Google Maps only welcomed us to one new State. And the state we went into, and the state we left, are both among the tiniest.

Two years ago, we drove a similar route all the way to western New York state, and to Niagara Falls (on a separate day) and again, we drove past hill, after hill of tree-covered hills. I have never seen so many trees at once.


America is also very different to Thailand and England. In England, the weather moves between -5 degrees centigrade (at the extreme) and about 28 (at the other) but hovers mostly around 10-15 degrees.

Thailand’s heat is more consistent: About 50 weeks of temperatures around 29C, one week at around 40C and one week around 18C.

In New Hampshire, as I write, it is 13, but most of the time I have been here, since just before Christmas, it has been below 0.

But weather is not everything. I read the NH state laws on jaywalking and driving the other day, because they are so different to England (where pedestrians are not breaking the law if they cross where they like). In Thailand, the law is moot, unless it’s one the government has recently decided needs enforcing.

I don’t really have anything to share, but felt like sharing anyway. I hope you can forgive me!

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