Brexit explained

Apologies to the commenter, but this post has now been moved to my political blog: Gavin’s politics.

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  1. Strassburg is pretty much in the centre of Europe. So everyone gets to traipse hundreds of miles. But it’s fairer…

    Still don’t believe me? Let’s relocate the EU parliament to Lisbon, Portugal. Because, after all, the Portuguese don’t like traipsing, eh? Better, or worse?

    The EU parliament is in the centre for a reason…


    1. Parliament doesn’t want to be in Strasbourg and whether it’s in the centre or not, it’s not convenient for anyone. The only reason it is in Strasbourg officially, is because France insisted upon having a major institution. And in reality, it spends most of its time in Brussels because that’s where the other two major parts of the EU’s government are based.
      The expense I am referring to is the extra, wasted cost of having to move there for a few days each month to satisfy a treaty requirement imposed by France.
      It is “in the centre for a reason” because the Member States are looking out for their own interests, rather than the interests of the EU’s citizens.


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