Baking day

While in Siam on Saturday, we went to Gourmet Market (which in many ways is like Whole Foods). There we found three gluten free Thai-made mixes for chocolate cake, waffles and doughnuts. Because they are Thai-made, and not imported, they are a reasonable price. A very reasonable price. The waffle and doughnut mixes are both 45 baht (about £1 in post-Brexit UK pounds and about US$1.50) and the chocolate cake mix is 89 baht. The chocolate cake mix makes two 8-inch round cakes, though, so still very good value for any cake, let alone a gluten free one.

As a coeliac, one of the things I miss about England, is the easy access to prescription gluten-free wheat flour. It’s just better than tapioca flour, rice flour, corn flour (corn starch in the USA) and other flours, at doing what bread expects it to do.

So yesterday we made gluten free bread and a gluten free chocolate cake. And the result is below. One final thing to mention, the bread (which is made using the last of our English Glutafin mix) is a little pale on the sides. I think that’s because of our very unusual oven.

Again, more photos can be found here: Link to more photos.

If you’re interested in finding the gluten free mixes yourself, there are pictures of the box in the album above, but they’re made by the Lhian Thai Rice Vermicelli company using rice flour and a few other ingredients.

The cake is so yummy, and who can complain about a gluten free cake for $1.50 in Thailand?


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  1. Good Job guys. The bread is impressive. The donuts would be great with some jelly filling.
    You are always looking for new adventures, but this is an adventure that I didn’t see coming.
    Love to Both
    Uncle David

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