Questions for Britain…

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2 thoughts on “Questions for Britain…

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  1. You want ‘Europe’ to become one country, but you oppose a loose alliance? Interesting…

    You might want to look at question (1) again.

    There was financial turmoil because the Brexit camp hadn’t written a plan…amongst other reasons. Don’t believe me? We are almost a month in. Look at the evidence…


  2. The financial turmoil has calmed. Shares are down as a result of inherent uncertainty and they’re not as low as they were on the 24th, which was as a result of the talking down done by Osborne et al.
    The Brexit ‘camp’ as you call them, were not in a position to make promises on behalf of government that they did not represent, and could not speak for.
    In as much as they could make promises, they refer to a post-Brexit Britain, not to a post-vote Britain.
    Yes, I would prefer a true federation. The loose alliance gives us the worst of both worlds and it was the support of the status quo which made me leave the pro-EU LibDems. They think it’s perfect, which is ridiculous.


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