Teaching practice

Today was the second chance to apply our new teaching skills. It was a tricky day with some very unruly and upset children. We were told we handled it well which was pleasing because it was heartbreaking seeing our lesson plans being replaced by nearly 100% classroom management.

We’re relaxing now feeling mostly relieved that it is done. We’re practising with teaching some teaching assistants (adults) and some high school children next week. Others on our course have already taught those classes and they have said that they are the more satisfying classes to teach.

The children in the primary school – the ones we taught today – are usually taught by TV which is very sad. I suspect their unruly behaviour was a combination of impacts, but their education doesn’t look like it’s very good generally. Very sad.


3 thoughts on “Teaching practice

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  1. Good morning.
    Sounds like a tough job but I’m sure you and Becky will handle it well.
    I can’t imagine learning from a television. That seems so archaic nowadays.
    I could understand a computer with a teacher but not that.
    Good luck to both of you.
    Uncle D


  2. Hi there. Have had instant success finding your blog today! All very interesting. Very exciting to actually be in Thailand and training to teach. It’s so hard at first but don’t worry, practise and a sense of humour makes perfect. Will look forward to keeping up. How did the shipping of your stuff go? We will have to be doing the same in reverse I think.
    Take care
    Steve and Sue


    1. Our stuff is currently in transit. Probably entering the Red Sea about now! My friend whose parents are Tanzanian said that you cannot get the same company to pack and unpack from there so it will probably be harder for you! Sorry!


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