First thoughts….

We have started a new chapter, giving this crazy idea of living abroad indefinitely a good solid try! As you know (if you’ve been reading or know us personally), we’ve sold all of our larger belongings, rented out our home, put stuff in storage and shipped a bunch of books. We’re done with the stable usual life and are off on an adventure. There’s a huge part of us that is like the old explorer except that we have the great advantage of the internet, Skype, bug spray and AC.

No we aren’t like Dr Livingstone or the Elliots who left all they knew to go into the unknown wild and unexplored jungles with just their wits and a suitcase. However we feel that same excitement and adventurous spirit. We love to travel but that only goes so far. I love meeting and knowing people, settling in and getting to know a place more intimately than you can if you just visit. Of course I don’t always love a place where I do this and there’s culture shock to be expected but it is really wonderful to feel a part of somewhere different and new. It’s fun to learn a language, try out foods you’ve never heard of and find your way around stores, businesses and homes that are unrecognizable to what we have at home.

So we’re here in Thailand on the island of Ko Samui. We’re living in a hostel style hotel (very clean with private rooms and bathrooms, but more social than a regular hotel) for one month while we do a teaching English certificate course and then heading off to jobs, we hope.

Most of the people on our course are staying in the same place as us which is building up a great community and providing fun people to explore with, though it will be hard to ensure we get into Thai living with so much buffer around. Nice for a start though.

Day one of training today, slow start but only the beginning. With homework completed, we’re off to dinner…somewhere…


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