Reflecting on what I’ll miss

As the time approaches for our departure for Thailand, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking. Over the weekend we did a yard sale and sold a good few bits of clutter – the sort of thing you buy on a whim, or that you bought and used, but never got rid of when it was surplus to requirements. Sitting in the hot English sun waiting for passing foot traffic was a great opportunity to commune with my thoughts.

And unfortunately, aside from the obvious – I’ll miss my family and friends – I think the main things I’ll miss are a bit banal:

  • Fresh milk to have with easily accessed breakfast cereal; and
  • The cold.

Just sometimes it’s refreshing to step outside the house and be cooled down by the chill of a winter’s breeze coming in off of the English Channel…

But I guess the things I’ll really miss are things I don’t know I take for granted yet!


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